Friday, July 9, 2010

Hey, Gang!


I just checked and my song.  "More Than A Name on The Wall"  is now number two in the progressive country genre and number three in the patriotic genre.  It's been listed on CD Baby's Top Songs list in the top four in two genres for about two weeks now.  It's moved up to # 2 in the progressive country genre and up to # 3 in the patriotic genre.  You can just Google CD Baby in those categories and it's right there.  I'm done crowing now.


I emailed CD baby to ask what determines the positions of various songs in what genres and they will probably email back basically saying…. it don't mean anything.  However, anything that puts mine on the list of TOP anything can't be all bad.

A few years ago, I got a new players card at Sam's Town Casino and it said "Golden Gang" on it.  (Yes I should have known) - but I had played there quite a bit and I thought I was a big time gambler or something.  I was running around telling people I had a Golden Gang card.  When I presented it to the dealer at the black jack table, I ask him what it meant and he just said, "It's because your old."  I hope CD Baby has better motivations for song placement than that. LOL!!  I'm a little slow on the up take sometimes. As Forrest Gump says,  "Life is just like a box of chocolates - you just never know what your going to get." 


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