Monday, September 20, 2010

Announcements, Philosophical Thoughts & Ramblings

This is Earl Watts and I wanted to let you know I will be making my big TV debut this Friday - I think that's how you spell "debut" … along with Jerry Mungle, my partner in “Two Old Men & Some Songs” and Patsy Trigg, the original singer, arranger and publisher of "Grandma Got Run Over By Reindeer". We can be seen on "The Jamie Cooper Show" Friday morning and I believe noon on WTZT-TV out of Athens, Alabama. I don't know what channel that is but I don't think we get it. I'm starting to realize there are lots of things I don't get.

Patsy Trigg 001 Patsy Trigg literally arranged, cut and was the original singer of "Grandma Got Run Over By Reindeer" … pushed it, distributed it and frankly when you hear it, it's because she put it on the map period. She has a platinum record and has been drawing royalties on it for over 30 years now. I said Platinum - which is way past gold. I'm just happy to say I know her. Jerry and I have been lucky enough to have her play base with us from time to time so as you can see I like to brag about it. We love her big time. July Misc 067 Jerry has a great song called Diarrhea Blues and we're trying get him to put it on YouTube. Aug2010 Misc 008I'm auditioning for the acting part of the video. I'm practicing facial expressions and running to the bathroom hoping to get the part.

george croppedThanks to George Wells … (George helps everybody)… who has made arrangements for the show. It looks like we're going to actually be on TV. I'm excited and a little scared as well. I hope I don't fall apart. I'll be doing my song "More Than a Name on The Wall" as well as one other song I wrote called "Man On The Mountain". I'm hoping to get Jerry to play along with me on that song. George has written a song called "Look Into Their Eyes" with Robin Stewart singing and it has hit the air waves and just keeps rising to the top. It's going into it's 12th week on the charts at WAGS-AM and is listed above many big name artist on other charts. I don't know if it's the singer or the song or both but there's some sort of magic going on with it. If there wasn't it wouldn't have gotten this far for this long. Great job, George and Robin!

I've been working on a project by the river Flint River all day and it's been hot. I got through about dark, and as we often do, Polly and I sat out front on the swing to discuss the meaning of life and other general topics. I was hot and tired and some wonderful soul from a party way back somewhere had left some beer in the refrigerator in the main part of our little house. I don't usually drink much at all but like I said I was hot and tired so I started working my way through a six pack and am doing a damn good job of it, I'm proud to say. Sooo I'm about three or maybe even four sheets in the wind right now. I was going on and on about how the world has basically been a big disappointment to me and Polly raised her hand right in my face and said, "Hail Caesar!” or maybe it was "Hell, Caesar!" … or maybe it was "are you having a seizure?" Either way, she hurt my feelings. Like I said, I'm about three sheets in the wind and my ego is a little delicate at the moment. Now I'm feeling all crushed and wounded and she's asleep. Do any of you ever feel like nobody actually gives a damn how you feel?? Am I the only one?? Does anybody else out there ever feel that way. IS ANYBODY OUT THERE - HELP ME, HELP ME, HELP ME! That's what I think when I see a man pushing a baby carriage through the mall along with a wife and kids. I feel like I can just see that "caught like a deer in the headlights" look in his eyes that says HELP ME, HELP ME - SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME.

Well, I'm about two thirds through the last beer in the six pack so I guess I'll go watch TV till I fall asleep. I'm sure I'll be peeing all night and I'm truly looking forward to that. Polly goes to sleep within 5 minutes of laying down; maybe I'm just boring her to death with my endless need to define, name and understand everything under the sun. Ever been talking to somebody and then the only sound you hear is a snore??

Well, halleluiah, I just found another beer in the bottom tray. HAIL CAESAR!

Anyway, for those of you in this area, this Friday is our big TV debut. I don't know the number for the channel but it's ZTV or the Jamie Cooper Show which ever is easier to find. I told Polly's brother-in-law, Billy about the show and he just said "I'll have to take your word for it, because I ain't getting up that early". He was really impressed.

Love, Earl (shhh, Polly's asleep)

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  1. Earl, you should have a newspaper byline! You are so funny. Good luck on Friday.