Sunday, February 28, 2010

About Jerry….

This is one of the four buildings where Daddy had his feed store in Hartsville, Tennessee. I spent many days and nights in this building. I got my first guitar while Daddy's store was in this building. It's where I got so frustrated that I threw my guitar chord diagrams into a pot-belly stove and burned them!!

I started writing songs as a by-product of playing the guitar. It just seemed like a natural progression to write songs, after I learned how to play songs, on the guitar. I just dabbled in songwriting (and didn't write many songs) during my early adult years. My writing didn't really take off until I went to Nashville (about 15-20 years ago) to celebrate a birthday; we went to the Opry and the Nashville Guitar Show (where I maxed out my credit card and bought a Martin guitar). For some reason, the purchase of that guitar motivated me to sit around and play a lot more, and write songs.

Earl Not paying attentionJerry sitting around but not playing…hmmm something has Earl’s attention…(observations by Webmaster)

Initially, I just sat around the house, and played my songs in private; I rarely played them in public. Then, after my wife told me I was chicken for not playing my songs at the North Alabama Songwriter jam sessions (at the Coffee Tree)

fast car (hmmm...) and driving through the parking lot an extra time to get up enough courage, I went into the Coffee Tree and started performing my songs.

Jerry GuitarRecon Jerry really is shy? (Webmaster observation)

Jerry guitar upclose

Jerry1Ever since that night, I have been going strong; a high percentage of my songs have been written since the fall of 2008.

Jerry Mungle

Keep your guitars tuned!


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