Friday, February 12, 2010

Two Old Men At The World Famous Nashville Palace

Two Old Men and Some Songs AKA Earl Watts and Jerry Mungle were a big hit at the Nashville Palace Thursday night. We trekked up to Nashville with a bunch of other Huntsville songwriters for the North Alabama Songwriters Showcase, hosted by James Breedwell.

Two Old men shared the stage with Ken Cooper, MaryJustice, Uncle Bethel, and Ron & James for an hour and half of music and fun with the crowd. Thanks, James, for the invite to the Palace and thanks to Doug Budzak of Uncle Bethel for putting the group together.

Performing at the Palace will be a regular thing for us, so stay in touch and drop in when we're there. Oh! yeah, you can find us most Wednesday nights at the Coffee Tree in Huntsville. Jerry is in Ardmore for Pickin' and Grinin' most Thursday nights.

Keep your guitars tuned!

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  1. You two guys were great Thursday night. Hope to see you tonight!