Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy Freaking New Year

Ponderings by Swampfox AKA Earl

It's New Year's morning and all through the house.
Everyone's sleepy, hung-over, or soused
Granddaughter Jasmyn came home from a friends
And said "you all are depressing me to no end".

Nothings open so there's little to do.
I'll be glad for tomorrow when it's all in the past,
I suppose the holidays are good for some folks
But I'm just glad they don't last.

Polly and I joined a health club up the road
I'm hoping the membership helps
Because we probably won't go
Our will is weak and our bodies are old.

My hearing's worse on the right side
And hers is worse on the left,
But when I'm driving
That is a big help.

Still I'm propelled forward
To new fields to plow.
And I just keep on hoping
For more somehow

But I sit hear in wonder
More ragged and worn
And I know even less
Than the day I was born.

Happy Freaking New Year Everyone!

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